Sky Arts and Baim Films

High Definition

Twelve films from The Baim Collection are available on Sky ARTS in high definition. (Sky Arts 2 channel 245; Sky Arts 2HD channel 256)

Starting the Sky ARTS "Swinging Sixties" season, the Baim films SWINGING UK and UK SWINGS AGAIN have been extensively restored by The Baim Collection using Ascent Media's Soho Film Lab and 142 Wardour Street facility. For the first time the films are available in high definition. The films were made for cinema audiences and have never been broadcast in their entirety on television - until now. The full list of Baim titles that will be seen in HD on Sky ARTS is:

Date of release TITLE Minutes Note
15 May 1959 Floating Fortress 29 First Michael Winner Film
11 July 1960 Delta 8-3 28 Cold War Vulcan bombers
08 September 1960 Playground Spectacular 26 Blackpool in 1960
30 June 1981 Girls Girls Girls! 30 Winner again - with stars
08 April 1963 Big City 24 Glimpse of London in 1962
24 March 1964 Jugglers and Acrobats 26 Released with HARD DAYS NIGHT
15 July 1964 Swinging UK 28 First "music videos" in colour
28 July 1964 UK Swings Again 27 More "music videos" in colour
09 May 1972 SS France 28 The biggest ship then afloat
15 December 1976 Get 'Em Off 32 "X" cert striptease documentary
22 December 1981 Telly Savalas Looks at Birmingham 25 One of Harold Baim's last films
12 July 1982 Pete Murray Takes You to Nottingham 17 One of the last "Quota Quickies"

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