The Baim Collection

The Cool Mikado

This version of Gilbert and Sullivan's famous Comic Opera, The Mikado, was directed by Michael Winner and is like no other you've seen before. Updated to the Swinging sixties, The Cool Mikado is ninety minutes of rip-roaring entertainment with an explosion of memorable song and dance numbers.

It has the distinction of being described as "one of the worst films in the world" by more than one reviewer.

The cast includes Stubby Kaye, Frankie Howerd, Mike and Bernie Winters, Tommy Cooper, Lionel Blair and his dancers, Pete Murray, Tsai Chin, Dennis Price, Glen Mason, Kevin Scott, Jaqueline Jones, Kenji Takaki, Yvonne Shima, Dermot Walsh, Jill Mai Meredith and a full chorus and supporting artists.

Musical Numbers

  • We Are Gentlemen Of Japan
  • A Wandering Minstrel
  • Three Little Maids From School
  • The Sun Whose Rays
  • The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
  • Tit Willow
  • The Lord High Executioner
  • A More Humane Mikado
  • Were You Not To Koko Plighted
  • Here's A How De Do
  • For He's Gone And Married Yum Yum.

Plus TWO Bonus Features directed by Michael Winner


Three beautiful girls share a flat in London. One of them, Tania Mallett, went on to play Bond girl Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger. This film depicts a time before 'the pill', before The Beatles and the influence of an older 'moral-code' definitely in evidence. There are only three things on the girls' minds; getting a job, being beautiful and getting engaged. We are not educated as to what is on the boys minds. With a background of great London street scenes, we are treated to an insight into what a beautiful young woman may aspire in 1961; makeup, hairstyles, fashion, boyfriends and some non-PC ideas about fur coats. The "work-ethic" is there and staying late at work takes precedence over going out with the boyfriend. Written and directed by Michael Winner the script delivered by BBC broadcaster Jack Jackson (Housewives' Choice BBC Light Programme) is both witty and catty and shows a Baim influence.


  • Tania Mallett
  • Primrose Austen
  • Sandra Le Brocq
  • Lucy Clayton
  • Betty Buchel
  • Jane Croft
  • Fiona Thompson
  • Cynthia Cassidy
  • Ted Burner
  • Jeremy Howes
  • Marcus Elkin
  • Tom Hustler
  • Philip Buchel
  • Roy Round
  • Bob Beltonv
  • George Kallin
  • Charles Ferrares



David Jacobs narrates as Glen Mason meanders through the magical world of variety acts and magicians at the top of their game in the early 1960s


  • Libby Morris
  • Alan Allan
  • Michael Bailey
  • Percy Press
  • Bernard Hughes
  • John Peake
  • June Merlin
  • Franklyn


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